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2021 Q3 state of the market
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2021 q3 quarterly insight

Market Highlights

  • Available inventory in modern, pre-owned jet markets continues to trend downward, with less than 4% of the fleet available for sale, less than half of the 8% that is historically indicative of a “balanced” market.
  • Retail transaction volume remains strong despite the lack of publicly available inventory; Q3 2021 outperformed Q3 2020 by 23%, and a more “normal” quarter of Q3 2019 by 43%.
  • Record aircraft utilization, historic charter demand, and first-time buyers continue to fuel the markets. Absent a black swan event, values will trend higher in Q4 thanks to limited inventory and the favorable tax environment through year-end.

Market Values

  • Aircraft values are up approximately 12% across all market segments YTD, with some markets up as much as 30% in the past 9 months.
  • Thanks to a dramatic increase in new aircraft orders and the resultant OEM backlogs, many of which extend well into 2022 or 2023, late model (less than 5 years old) aircraft have experienced the most dramatic increases in values.
  • Values continue to increase with most desirable aircraft now sold via a bidding, or auction style process, well before their public release to the market. This phenomenon has resulted in the most Seller favorable market conditions in the history of business aviation.

A Historic Pre-Owned Jet Market

  • The above graph shows pre-owned business jet inventory as a percentage of fleet availability since 1986. Total jet inventory continues to free fall quarter after quarter and the current availability of less than 4% is the lowest percentage on record.
  • Q3, 2021 had the highest jet retail transaction volume of any Q3 in history and ranks 4th in total retail transaction volume of the 144 quarters ever documented.
  • Record low supply (pre-owned and new), strong demand, and increases in pricing have created a very favorable environment for aircraft sellers and one of the most challenging environment for buyers in the past 13 years.