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Total time 367
Passengers 6
Price Make Offer
Home base Charlotte, NC
  • One U.S. Owner

  • Over $2,500,000 in Options

  • Factory Warranty (3 Year / 1500 Hours)

  • Low Time - 367 Hours

  • Like New Condition

  • Ready for Immediate Operations

Engine 1
Engine 2
Engine 3
Pratt & Whitney PWC 207D1
Pratt & Whitney PWC 207D1
Serial Number
Total Time Since New
367 Hours
367 Hours
Total Cycles Since New
388 Cycles
388 Cycles

Wire Strike Protection System (Lower Provisions) 
Wire Strike Protection System (Upper Provisions) 
Rotor Brake Provisions 
Inlet Barrier Filter Electrical Provision 
Electrical Provisions Kit (Required For Cat. A Operations) 
Air Conditioner Provisions (Air Comm)
NAV/COM/GPS - GTN 750/650 (Garmin) 
Air Conditioner Drive 
Handheld Fire Extinguisher 
Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) - C406-NHM (Artex) 
First Aid Kit 
NAV/COM/GPS - GTN-750/650 (Garmin)


  • Radar Altimeter (Honeywell KRA 405B)   
  • 200 Amp Starter Generator (Dual) (Required For Cat. A Operations)
  • Increased Capacity Battery (44 Amph) (Cat. A Compliant)
  • Re-wire of existing ICS system to include LEMO headset jacks in Cockpit & Cabin (Requires Aft Cabin ICS - 6 Place Kit)
  • Inlet Barrier Filter
  • Compressor Wash Kit
  • Seats - Passenger Standard 6 Place Club - 18.5” Seats With 4 Point Restraint System - Quick Release Disconnects & ICS Fixed Provisions
  • NAV/COM/GPS - GTN-750 Chartview Upgrade
  • NAV/COM/GPS - GTN-750 HTAWS Upgrade
  • Weather Data Link - GDL-69A (Garmin) & XM Satellite Radio -w- Remote (US Only)
  • Rotor Brake Equipment
  • Forward Flashing Light
  • Headliner - Standard -w- LED Lights & Adjustable AC Vents
  • 12VDC Cigarette Lighter Receptacle for Cockpit 
  • Dual Pilot Control Provisions (Required for Dual Pilot Operations) 
  • Dual Pilot Controls Equipment (Required For Dual Pilot Operation)
  • Strobes (2 - Left/Right), LED Position Lights (3 -Left/Right/Tail) (Whelen)
  • Door Openers - Automatic - for Hinged Passenger Doors (2 Door Kit) (AA) 
  • Polycarb Windshield LH and RH, Clear 
  • Wire Strike Protection System compatible with Polycarb Windshield 
  • Hinged Passenger Door Windows (LH & RH) Dk Gray (AA)
  • Sliding Passenger Door Windows (LH & RH) Dk Gray (AA 
  • Door Openers - Automatic - for Crew (2 Door Kit) (AA) 
  • Provide House Style Receptacles and 110VAC Capability / 2 in Cockpit / 2 in Cabin (Pricing is for ONE Inverter / Inverter load will be the responsibility of the customer) 
  • Bleed Air Heater Equipment (Air Comm) 
  • Bleed Air Heater Provisions (Air Comm) 
  • Replace standard transponder with remote mounted Garmin GTX-345 for ADS-B Weather in capability and bluetooth connection to Foreflight on IPAD 
  • 3rd Display Unit & 2nd Standby Compass (Required For Dual Pilot IFR Operation) 
  • 28VDC Power Outlet in Cabin for Portable LiDAR equipment 
  • 4th Axis Autopilot 
  • NAV/COM/GPS - GTN-750/650 16 Watt Upgrade 
  • Interior Trim - Utility Light Weight 
  • Air Conditioner w/ Dual Evaporator and Manual Controls (Air Comm)
  • Carbide Skid Shoes
  • Gross Weight Towing Kit (AA)
  • Tail Rotor Camera
  • Video Switching Unit
  • Technisonic Transceiver TDFM 9100-P91661 / TIL Install Kit and PC programming Cable/Compatible antennas 
  • Aux Fuel Tank Equipment (39 US Gal) 
  • Door Hold Open Device for Sliding Passenger Doors 
  • 5VDC Dual USB Charging Port - Pilot (Incl. modification to Pilot   
  • Map Holder for charging an iPad/Tablet) 
  • 5VDC Dual USB Charging Port - Co-Pilot (Incl. modification to Co-   
  • Pilot Map Holder for charging an iPad/Tablet)
  • Rear Clamshell Doors With Windows 
  • PS Engineering PAC45 Audio Control System – w- 2 Audio Control Panels in the Cockpit w/ 6-place 
  • PS Engineering PAC45 Audio Control System - 1 x Additional Audio Control Panel in the Cabin 
  • Floor covering for baggage compartment 
  • Coin Mat Flooring for cockpit and cabin 
  • Wing fasteners to all servicing doors to include the external power door. 
  • Splice Covers (“ Taco Shells”) on Main Rotor Blades 
  • BAE Crew Seats 
  • Purchase Sheepskin covers for BAE seats 
  • Paint instrument panel black 
  • Paint American flag on vertical fin 
  • Fuel Vent Kit (PN 429-899-269-101)

Rescue Hoist Package:

  • Rescue Hoist Provisions 
  • Rescue Hoist Equipment - Goodrich 600 lb. Capacity 
  • Hoist Camera Provisions (includes hoist camera connector) 
  • Hoist Control Panel (includes wiring and closeouts to allow easy swapping of one hoist between aircraft) 
  • Hard Point Floor Spotter (AA) (300 lb Capacity) (2) 
  • Hard Point Rappelling System (AA) (300 lb Capacity) (2) 
  • Hard Point Ceiling Spotter (1)   
  • Special Ops Platform/Step RH with Hoist Cable Guard (AA)

Cargo Hook:

  • Single Cargo Hook Provisions 
  • Single Cargo Hook Equipment 
  • Provisions Only: Onboard Cargo Hook Load Cell Wiring Provisions with digital readout in cockpit 
  • Onboard Cargo Hook Load Cell p/n 200-038-01 (to include digital readout in cockpit and wiring (Compatible with Onboard Single Cargo Hook Only) 
  • Co-Pilot Crew Door w/ AAI Bubble Window/Painted to match current scheme in Standard Colors and scheme/Provided Loose LH side 
  • TRQ Gauge and Master Caution, Fire and MGT Limit Light on LH side (include wiring provisions only) 
  • Remote Hook Provisions including switch mod on the collective 
  • Belly camera (to be able to see loads under the aircraft to include HEC when that system is used)

Camera Package: 

  • Provisions for Trakka Beam SWE-400 QUAD Sensor System to include: Meeker Nose Mount, Cables & Wiring 
  • Trakka Beam SWE-400 QUAD Sensor System Equipment to include: Sensor, Laser Interlock, SWE Adapter, Dovetail kit;
  • TFO Operator Station Provisions (to include internal wiring and quick disconnects to install the Operator Station)/ cables to allow mounting of operator station on LH or RH side of cabin 
  • TFO Operator Station located in the cabin (to include map holder with iPad charging mod, dual USB 5VDC charging port, mounting brackets for hand controller, cup holder and storage pocket. Operator Station is mounted on the seat rails.
  • Provisions Only: Remote Geo DVR wire provisions interfaced with TFO Operator station 
  • Remote Geo DVR (mounted to TFO Operator Station) 
  • Avalex 21.5” Series 7 Touchscreen Monitor for AA TFO Operator Station (include quick disconnect)

Loose Equipment:

  • Co-Pilot Controls
  • Spare Bubble Door
  • Standard Co-Pilot Door
  • Tug