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Total time 5742
Passengers 12
Price $11,000,000
  • Engines on GE On-Point and APU on MSP

  • Airframe on SmartParts Plus

  • Collins ProLine 21 Advanced


  • LINK 2000+

Challenger 605 5722 Floorplan
Number of Passengers
Cabin Height
6 ft 1 in
Cabin Width
8 ft 2 in
Cabin Length
28 ft 5 in
  • Fwd Four (4) Place Club w/Dual Pull-Out Tables, Four (4) Place
  • Conference Group Opposite Four (4) Place Berthing Divan
  • Fwd RH Galley w/TIA Microwave Oven / Espresso Machine / High
  • Temp Oven
  • Pull-Out Work Surfaces
  • Carpet Replaced in 2020
  • DVD/CD
Total Time Since New
5,742 Hours
Total Landings Since New
2,847 Landings
Airframe Program Coverage
SmartParts Plus SPP
Engine 1
Engine 2
Engine 3
General Electric CF34-3B
General Electric CF34-3B
Serial Number
Total Time Since New
5,742 Hours
5,603 Hours
Total Cycles Since New
2,847 Cycles
2,788 cycles
Time Before Overhaul
On Condition
On Condition
Program Coverage
GE On-Point
GE On-Point
Last Completed
Next Due
12 Month
NOV 2022
NOV 2023
24 Month
DEC 2021
DEC 2023
36 Month
NOV 2022
NOV 2025
48 Month
JAN 2020
JAN 2024
Landing Gear Overhaul
JAN 2024
Engine TBO
On Condition

Collins ProLine 21 Advanced

Air Data Computer: Dual Collins ADC-850E

Airphone: AeroCom 1100 Iridium

Cockpit Voice Recorder: L3Harris FA2100 CVR 

Control Display Unit: Dual Collins CDU-6200

Data Base Unit: DBU-5000

Datalink: Datalink w/ Inmarsat Satcom and VHF Comm interface

DME: Dual Collins DME-4000

EFIS: 4-screen Collins EFD-4077

EGPWS: Honeywell Mark V EGPWS Computer 

ELT: Artex C406-N

FDR Unit: L3Harris FA2100 SSFDR

Flight Control Computer: Collins FCC-4006

Flight Management Computer: Triple Collins FMC-6000 

GPS: Dual Collins GPS-4000S (WAAS Capable) 

HF COMM: Dual Collins HF-9031A

IRU: Dual Laseref V 

Standby Instrument: Thales Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument

Lightning/HIRF Protector: Collins LHP-4000

Maintenance Diagnostic Computer: MDC-3110

Transponder: Dual Collins TDR-94D Mode S Transponders (ADS-B Out V2)

Radio Altimeter: Collins ALT-4000 

SATCOM: Collins HST-2110 w/ Inmarsat SwiftBroadband   Iridium ICS-220. 

TCAS: Collins TTR-4000 TCAS II w/Change 7.1

VHF COMM: Triple Collins VHF-4000  

VHF NAV: Dual Collins NAV-4000

Weather Radar: Collins RTA-854

  • WAAS 
  • Link 2000+ Eurocontrol compliant
  • Graphical Weather on MFD
  • TAWS with RAAS
  • Crew Seat
  • Oxygen Mask
  • Fire Extinguisher (Flag HAL-035-AVN)


  • Installation of Fin Mounted Radome Antenna System (SA 97-71 Iss 6)
  • Installation of SATCOM Inmarsat Disconnect Switch (SB 605-23-014)
  • Installation of Universal Graphical Weather on the MFD (SB 605-46-002 R5)
  • Installation of LRC (SB 605-34-032 R1)
  • Installation of the Datalink System (SB 605-23-002 R5)
  • CES Version 6.5.1 S/W Update (SB 605-44-002)
  • Introduction of RNP AR 0.3 Capability (SB 605-34-021 R1)
  • Introduction of RAAS (SB 605-34-022 R2)
  • V2 Capability (SB 605-34-030 R1)
  • Installation of Dual-Channel Iridium Communication
  • Installation of Iridium Satellite Communication System (SB 605-23-011 R3)

Description: Honeywell GTCP 36-150

Serial Number: P-169

Total Time Since New: 6,394 Hours

Program Coverage: MSP

Base Color: White

Stripe Colors: Gray and Black

Last Painted Date: Original (June 2007)